A high quality strobe light could be used in many different circumstances

A high quality strobe light could be used in many different circumstances for emergency lighting as well as for sending warning signals. You can go for strobe lights or beacons depending upon your lighting and mounting requirements. There are multiple size options for light heads as well as for beacons. Usually the base of these lights is made of die cast aluminum that helps in efficient thermal management. Moreover, aluminum lends structural strength to the strobe lights preparing them for heavy duty handling and durability in spite of rugged usage. Polycarbonate base is also used in some cases for reliable encapsulation. Together aluminum and polycarbonate can protect strobe lights from vibration as well as moisture, thus enhancing the effectiveness as well as life span of the warning lights.If you are purchasing a strobe light, you have to make sure it meets the SAE requirements for Class 1, 2 or 3. Professional manufacturers usually make these strobe lights as per the certified standards and this proves to be a good check to make sure your lights are indeed safe and well designed. Some strobe lights are designed to be aerodynamically efficient and dona€?t produce any noise or sound even on speeding vehicles. Some light bars fixed with strobes are so slim that they can be installed anywhere and in any direction for efficient light visibility. In fact, the slim design of these light bars carrying strobes makes them easily concealable and ideal for stealth operations. They are therefore mounted on unmarked vehicles for emergency lighting. A good strobe light kit comes with pull magnets which can take a weight of around 60 lbs. This is sufficient as most strobe lights are far lighter than 30lbs. You can go for permanent mounting of these lights or temporary mounting where you can frequently dismantle them, pack them and use wherever required. The portable nature of these lights is due to their lightweight structure and ease of installation. Shielded power cables and interconnect harness are provided with the strobe lights in order to easily install and make the connections. 10 a€ 15 inch power cords are provided in sets of 2 or 4 in strobe kits along with a cigarette lighter plug and adapter. Push button switches are also provided for simple operation and for easily turning them on or off.Luminosity is a very important factor when you want emergency lights. A high quality strobe light can function with a 12V DC power supply and still give you about 18 joules output. The output varies though, with the flash patterns and flashing rates. For example, the output energy is higher for quad flash compared to single flash. The light circuits dona€?t draw excessive current and if you are using LEDs, peak currents are usually lower than 5 Amperes. Most strobe bars and beacons are designed with a low profile. Some beacons are in fact as light as 3lbs and can be easily attached to the roof of the emergency vehicle whenever required.
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