An important thing about antler lighting

Again, small chandeliers look really nice when hung above the kitchen islands.Antler lighting for long has been a popular décor choice for log homes, log cabins, ski lodges and other such places looking to incorporate a rustic and raw feel to their ambience. If it does, the effect gets largely lost. Small antler bedside lamps are also popularly used in forest lodges and log cabins.Contrarily, the big antler chandeliers, generally fashioned of moose or elk antlers are ideal for use in large lounge area of the lodges.

To begin, one needs to use the antler fixtures in an informed manner to create the desired accents. Use antler lighting in a creative and thoughtful manner and it will evoke the right rustic charm around your place. Bright lights around antler structures generally destroy the rustic effect created by the antlers. Do your research.. Positioning the right fixtures in the right places is important to evoke the right ambience.Antler sconces also work nicely to create accents around a room. There are antler chandeliers, antler stand lamps, antler bed lamps, antler sconces and more. Then there are antler table lamps. These wall mounted light fixtures come in leather or rawhide shades and are frequently used in log cabins, lodges, and country homes. The big antlers in a relatively smaller place tend to intrude and disturb the stability of the place. How much room are you leaving for your light? Antler lights come in many variations. Also make sure not to use more than one type of antler lighting in a single place. If a person is looking to decorate his or her outside pool table area or the patio area, the small or medium-sized antler chandeliers would work best.

Mule deer antlers which are normally about 2 feet in length or white tail deer antlers, the smallest in size, are best for small outdoor chandeliers. For example, antler chandeliers and sconces in the same room look cluttered and generally mar the effect. In addition, it is also important to leave space around the fixture, so the area doesn't appear cluttered or over decorated. Linsheng Electrical Co., Ltd. Also the lighter shades of antlers work best for kitchen. Unless, you have a large room with plenty of space to keep the antler fixtures a bit spread apart, use them sparingly. But one must use only the smallest of antler chandeliers in kitchens.

An important thing about antler lighting is that it should always be used as accent lighting and never as the premier light source of a room or a place. The light fixtures always work wonderfully to create certain desired High Bay accents around a place and the naturally shed antler lights can evoke a rustic and nostalgic Wild West charm that will bring your rustic styled home, lodge or even "man cave" close to perfection. For instance, one needs to know what kind of antler chandeliers to mount in which places. The very idea of accent lighting is that you never want it to be too conspicuous.

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