But the transmitter needs a high performance

What are fiber optic transmitters?Optical transmitters generate the LED Tube China signals carried by a fiber optic communication system. a transmitter includes a light source but also includes signal generation circuit and components such as an electro-optic modulator.The transmitter contains electronics that modulate the light source. At low speeds, the transmitter directly modulates light emission by varying the drive current to the light source.

But the transmitter needs a high performance external modulator such as a electro-optic modulator for high speed applications. It maintains a constant drive current to the light source, producing a steady output beam, which passes through the external modulator that produces the 1 and 0 signals.Transmitters can have more than one light source. Each light source operates at different wavelengths and are modulated separately with their corresponding signals. These light sources are then coupled to a single fiber with WDM (wavelength division multiplexing) technology.

DWDM (dense wavelength division multiplexing) technology essentially expand a single fiber's information carrying capability by hundreds of times.:: What are fiber optic light sources?A fiber optic light source emits continuous light without any modulation or signal processing. It is one component of a fiber optic transmitter.In fiber optic communication, the standard light sources are LEDs(light-emitting diodes) and semiconductor lasers. Other types of lasers such as gas lasers may be used in some special cases.Lasers emit much higher powers than LEDs and can transmit much faster signals.

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